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Kissimmee FL Christian Drug Rehab Center Kissimmee FL


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Looking for a Kissimmee FL Christian Drug Rehab Center in Kissimmee FL? Contact us for more info about Christian alcohol rehab centers in Kissimmee FL today. We are here to help you or your loved one today.

Christian Drug Rehab Center “Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.” Psalm 71:20-21 Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate between age, race, gender, religion or social class. It has been known to ruin careers, destroy families, strain relationships and diminish faith. For Christians, a battle with addiction can be especially trying, as the spiritual effects may seem as awful as the others. Many Christians who struggle with addiction, alcoholism and/or other compulsive behaviors, such as gambling or eating disorders, often sacrifice their relationship with Christ because of their addiction. Christian drug rehab centers were established to address the unique struggles of Christians battling a variety of chemical and process addictions. Christian drug rehab centers offer a faith-based approach to healing and recovery that is centered around Jesus Christ. Recovering individuals are encouraged to utilize their faith in God as they work to overcome their addiction, as He is the most powerful recovery tool available. Christian drug rehab centers address the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of addiction while reintroducing recovering Christians to their Lord and Savior. With a focus on the basic principles and beliefs of Christianity, Christian drug rehab centers combine Biblical scripture with the Twelve Steps to promote lasting recovery and spiritual healing. Recovering individuals participating in Christian drug rehab are encouraged to participate in clinical group sessions that utilize a variety of therapeutic methods in conjunction with faith-based techniques to offer effective treatment for various drug addictions. Christian drug rehab centers stand firmly upon the foundation of the Twelve Spiritual Principles of recovery, which include Honesty, Hope, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Humility, Love for Others (Brotherly and Sisterly), Justice, Perseverance, Spirituality and Service. Those participating in a faith-based approach to recovery will experience a deep, meaningful transformation that strengthens their relationship with Christ and creates the courage needed to overcome addiction. This transformation will sustain recovering individuals throughout the recovery journey and into sobriety. Christian drug rehab centers exist to support and guide recovering individuals as they learn to turn to Christ for strength and courage, instead of drugs and alcohol, in times of weakness and uncertainty. Typically, Christian drug rehab centers are staffed with caring professionals who are dedicated to sharing Christ’s love and guiding recovering individuals as they overcome their addictions. It is not uncommon for these individuals to be recovering, as well, which creates the opportunity for a unique connection that provides courage and confidence. Staff and clients are able to exchange stories of shared experiences, which lets recovering individuals know they are not alone in their journey. The relationships formed between recovering individuals and the staff members of Christian drug rehab centers provide a strong support network that offers strength and guidance during the recovery journey, throughout the transition to life outside of treatment and as recovering individuals adjust to sobriety. Staff members of Christian drug rehab centers rely on their personal and professional experiences with addiction, as well as their faith in God, to offer compassion and support to recovering individuals working to overcome their addictions. The services offered by Christian clinicians and other caring staff members bring recovering individuals back to prime physical, mental and spiritual health. Although a faith-based approach to recovering from addiction may particularly appeal to struggling Christians, it is also an effective, comprehensive treatment option for those who don’t yet know Christ and His love. Often times, the opportunity to turn life over to a higher power, instilling faith in someone other than oneself, can provide an unexpected, welcome recovery experience. Nonbelievers who aren’t familiar with the love of God and His word find comfort and strength in the services offered by a Christian drug rehab center. The benefits of participating in treatment at a Christian drug rehab center are endless for both devout Christians and nonbelievers struggling to overcome a variety of chemical and process addictions. God is the most powerful recovery tool, and the power of His love and forgiveness can carry recovering individuals to a successful, long term sobriety.


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